The Windows Sockets inet_ntoa function converts a network address into a string in dotted format.

char FAR * inet_ntoa (

struct in_addr in




[in] A structure which represents an Internet host address.


This function takes an Internet address structure specified by the in parameter. It returns an ASCII string representing the address in ".'' notation as "a.b.c.d''. Note that the string returned by inet_ntoa resides in memory which is allocated by Windows Sockets. The application should not make any assumptions about the way in which the memory is allocated. The data is guaranteed to be valid until the next Windows Sockets function call within the same thread, but no longer.

Return Values

If no error occurs, inet_ntoa returns a char pointer to a static buffer containing the text address in standard ".'' notation. Otherwise, it returns NULL. The data should be copied before another Windows Sockets call is made.

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