Application Priority

Conflicts can arise if multiple applications open the same line device for the same media mode. These conflicts are resolved with a priority scheme by which the user assigns relative priorities to the applications. This is usually done through a Control Panel utility or a Preferences menu in a telephonic application. Note the following points about this mechanism:

  • Only the highest priority application for a given media mode ever receives ownership (unsolicited) of a call of that media mode.

  • Although ownership is usually received when an inbound call first arrives or when a call is handed off, any application (including a lower priority one) can later acquire ownership by using the function lineGetNewCalls or lineGetConfRelatedCalls.

The user can assign relative priorities to the modules (the applications and the DLLs) that use TAPI. The resulting configuration information is stored in the registry.

For in-depth information about the way applications receive calls in a multi-application environment, see Multiple-Application Programming.

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