Directed Handoffs

A directed handoff takes place when the target application is known by name to the original application. This situation would occur, for example, among a set of applications written by the same vendor. Control of directed handoffs can usually be configured by the user. With such a handoff, the call is given to the specified application if it has opened the line on which the call exists. The media mode specified at the time the application opened the line is ignored. One common example is a voice call followed by fax transmission in the same call. Directed handoff would most often be used by applications from the same developer that are linked in other ways as well.

Directed handoff may also be used in future versions as part of the process of arbitrating multiple applications waiting for incoming calls of the same media mode, with the selection of the application to handle the call being based on data-link or higher level protocol detection rather than media mode. An example of its use would be an incoming data modem line with applications such as remote takeover, bulletin board, remote network access, and remote e-mail access all waiting for calls simultaneously.

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