Ending the Call

When the modem transmission is finished, the application receives a LINE_CALLSTATE message, which informs it that the state of a line device has changed. In this example, a remote disconnect has occurred. The application disconnects the call at the local end (it "goes on-hook") with lineDrop. Alternatively, the application itself may choose to end the call by invoking lineDrop before receiving the remote-disconnect message.

Here are the steps that might be used to end a call, close the line, and leave TAPI:

  1. The application calls lineDrop, which places the call in the IDLE state. The call still exists, and the application still has its handle. Now the application can examine the call-information record, if desired.

  2. The application calls lineDeallocateCall to release the call handle for the finished call. The call no longer exists.

  3. If the application expects no more calls on the line, it uses lineClose to close the line. At this point, there will be no more incoming or outgoing calls on that line.

  4. The application invokes lineShutdown to end the use of TAPI's functions for the current session.

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