The LINEADDRESSSTATE_ bit-flag constants describe various address status items.


Address-status items other than those listed below have changed. The application should check the current address status to determine which items have changed.


The device-specific item of the address status has changed.


The address has changed to idle (it is not in use by any stations).


The address has changed from idle or in use by many bridged stations to being in use by just one station.


The monitored or bridged address has changed from being in use by one station to being in use by more than one station.


The number of calls on the address has changed. This is the result of events such as a new inbound call, an outbound call on the address, or a call changing its hold status. This flag covers changes in any of the fields dwNumActiveCalls, dwNumOnHoldCalls and dwNumOnHoldPendingCalls in the LINEADDRESSSTATUS structure. The application should check all three of these fields when it receives a LINE_ADDRESSSTATE (numCalls) message.


The forwarding status of the address has changed, including possibly the number of rings for determining a no-answer condition. The application should check the address status to determine details about the address's current forwarding status.


The terminal settings for the address have changed.


Indicates that, due to configuration changes made by the user or other circumstances, one or more of the fields in the LINEADDRESSCAPS structure for the address have changed. The application should use lineGetAddressCaps to read the updated structure. If a service provider sends a LINE_ADDRESSSTATE message containing this value to TAPI, TAPI will pass it along to applications which have negotiated TAPI version 0x00010004 or above; applications negotiating a previous API version will receive LINE_LINEDEVSTATE messages specifying LINEDEVSTATE_REINIT, requiring them to shutdown and reinitialize their connection to TAPI to obtain the updated information.

No extensibility. All 32 bits are reserved.

An application is notified about changes to these status items in the LINE_ADDRESSSTATE message. The address's device capabilities indicate which address state changes can possibly be reported for this address.

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