The LINEAGENTSTATE_ constants list the state of an agent on an address.


No agent is logged in on the address.


The agent is logged in, but occupied with a task other than serving a call (such as on a break). No additional calls should be routed to the agent.


The agent is ready to accept calls.


The agent is busy handling a call routed from an ACD queue.


The agent is busy handling an inbound call that was not transferred to the agent from an ACD queue in which the agent is logged in.


The agent is busy handling an outbound call, such as one routed from a predictive dialing queue.


The agent is busy handling another type of call, such as an outbound personal call not transferred to the agent by a predictive dialer. This value may also be used when the agent is known to be busy on a call but the type of call is unknown.


The agent has completed the preceding call, but is still occupied with work related to that call. The agent should not receive additional calls.


The agent state is currently unknown, but may become known later. This may be a transitional state when a line or address is first opened.


The agent state is unknown and will never become known. In LINEADDRESSSTATUS, this condition may also be represented by the dwAgentState field being set to 0.

The upper 16-bits of this set of constants are reserved for device-specific extensions.

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