The LINECALLORIGIN_ constants describe the origin of a call.


The call originated from this station as an outbound call.


The call originated as an inbound call at a station internal to the same switching environment.


The call originated as an inbound call on an external line.


The call origin is currently unknown but may become known later.


The call origin is not available and will never become known for this call.


The call handle is for a conference call, that is, it is the application's connection to the conference bridge in the switch.


The call originated as an inbound call, but the service provider is unable to determine whether it came from another station on the same switch or from an external line.

No extensibility. All 32 bits are reserved.

The origin of a call is stored in the dwOrigin field of the call's LINECALLINFO structure.

For backward compatibility, it is the responsibility of the service provider to examine the negotiated API version on the line, and to not use the LINECALLORIGIN_INBOUND value if it is not supported on the negotiated version (LINECALLORIGIN_UNAVAIL may be substituted).

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