The LINECALLPARTYID_ bit-flag constants describe the nature of the information available about the parties involved in a call.


Party ID information is not available because it has been blocked by the remote party.


Caller ID information for the call is not available since it is not propagated all the way by the network.


Party ID information consists of the party's name (as, for example, from a directory kept inside the switch).


Party ID information consists of the party's address in either canonical address format or dialable address format.


Party ID information is valid but it is limited to partial information only.


Party ID information is currently unknown but may become known later.


Party ID information is not available and will not become available later. Information may be unavailable for unspecified reasons. For example, the information was not delivered by the network, it was ignored by the service provider, and so forth.

No extensibility. All 32 bits are reserved.

For each of the possible parties involved in a call, the LINECALLPARTYID_ constants describe how the party ID information is formatted. This information is supplied in the LINECALLINFO data structure.

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