The LINEDEVCAPFLAGS_ bit-flag constants are a collection of Booleans describing various line device capabilities.


Specifies whether calls on different addresses on this line can be conferenced.


Specifies whether high-level compatibility information elements are supported on this line.


Specifies whether low-level compatibility information elements are supported on this line.


Specifies whether media-control operations are available for calls at this line.


Specifies whether lineMakeCall or lineDial are able to deal with multiple addresses at once (as for inverse multiplexing).


Specifies what happens when an open line is closed while the application has calls active on the line. If TRUE, the service provider drops (clears) all active calls on the line when the last application that has opened the line closes it with lineClose. If FALSE, the service provider does not drop active calls in such cases. Instead, the calls remain active and under control of external devices. A service provider typically sets this bit to FALSE if there is some other device that can keep the call alive, for example, if an analog line has the computer and phoneset both connect directly to them in a party-line configuration, the offhook phone will automatically keep the call active even after the computer powers down.

Applications should check this flag to determine whether to warn the user (with an OK/Cancel dialog box) that active calls will be lost.




These flags indicate whether the "$", "@", or "W" dialable string modifier is supported for a given line device. It is TRUE if the modifier is supported; otherwise, FALSE. The "?" (prompt user to continue dialing) is never supported by a line device. These flags allow an application to determine up front which modifiers would result in the generation of a LINEERR. The application has the choice of pre-scanning dialable strings for unsupported characters or of passing the "raw" string from lineTranslateAddress directly to the provider as part of functions such as lineMakeCall or lineDial and let the function generate an error to tell it which unsupported modifier occurs first in the string.

No extensibility. All 32 bits are reserved.

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