The LINEDIALTONEMODE_ bit-flag constants describe different types of dial tones. A special dial tone typically carries a special meaning (as with message waiting).


This is a normal dial tone, which typically is a continuous tone.


This is a special dial tone indicating that a certain condition (known by the switch or network) is currently in effect. Special dial tones typically use an interrupted tone. As with a normal dial tone, this indicates that the switch is ready to receive the number to be dialed.


This is an internal dial tone, as within a PBX.


This is an external (public network) dial tone.


The dial tone mode is not currently known but may become known later.


The dial tone mode is unavailable and will not become known.

The high-order 16 bits can be assigned for device-specific extensions. The low-order 16 bits are reserved.

The LINEDIALTONEMODE_ constants are used within the LINECALLSTATUS data structure for a call in the dialtone state.

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