The LINEFEATURE_ constants list the operations that can be invoked on a line using this API.


Device-specific operations can be used on the line.


Device-specific features can be used on the line.


Forwarding of all addresses can be used on the line.


An outbound call can be placed on this line using an unspecified address.


Media control can be set on this line.


Terminal modes for this line can be set.


The lineSetLineDevStatus function may be invoked on the line device.


The lineForward function can be used to forward calls on all address on the line to other numbers. LINEFEATURE_FORWARD will also be set.


The lineForward function (with an empty destination address) can be used to turn on the Do Not Disturb feature on all addresses on the line. LINEFEATURE_FORWARD will also be set.

Note If neither of the new modified "FORWARD" bits is set in the dwLineFeatures member in LINEDEVSTATUS but the LINEFEATURE_FORWARD bit is set, then any of the forward modes may work; the service provider has simply not specified which ones.

No extensibility. All 32 bits are reserved.

The LINEFEATURE_ constants are used in LINEDEVSTATUS (returned by lineGetLineDevStatus). LINEDEVSTATUS reports, for a given line, which line features can actually be invoked while the line is in the current state. An application would make this determination dynamically after line state changes, typically caused by address or call-related activities on the line.

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