Logging Call Information

An application can call the function lineGetCallInfo to obtain information about a call. Although this function fills the LINECALLINFO structure with a large amount of data, applications need to maintain other items, such as the start and stop time of the call.

Developers of applications that log call information should note the following guidelines when designing those applications:

  • Free the call's handle (hCall) when the call goes idlepics/TAPI00090000.gifthat is, when a LINECALLSTATE_IDLE message is received for the call. At any point in the call's existence prior to its deallocation, monitoring applications can retrieve information about the call.

  • To keep the call's log sheet complete, log the fact that the call has gone idle.

  • Some applications may also need to update the user interface to show that important events have occurred, such as the fact that a fax is being received.

For more information about call logging, see Multiple-Application Programming.

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