No Unknown Application is Running

If no Unknown application has the line open, the TAPI dynamic-link library itself assumes the role of a simplistic Unknown application. The TAPI library first passes an owner handle for the call to the highest priority application that is registered for the highest-priority media mode for which a media mode flag is set in the dwMediaMode member of LINECALLINFO. If there is no such application, the media mode flag is cleared, and TAPI tries the highest priority application for the next highest-priority media mode. If there is such an application, it can try to make a determination for the highest priority media mode in dwMediaMode in LINECALLINFO.

If no application is found to become the initial owner of a call, the call remains in the offering state until a monitor application becomes an owner through lineSetCallPrivilege, or until the call is abandoned by the calling party and is transitioned (by the service provider) to the idle state, at which time all monitoring applications deallocate their handles to the call.

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