Toll Lists

In some locations in North America, all calls placed to the local area code are local calls. In other locations, some calls placed to the local area code are long distance, and need a "1" to be dialed. The first three digits of the address (the prefix) determine whether or not a call within the local area code is a toll call.

A toll list is a list of prefixes in the local area code whose addresses must be dialed as long distance addresses, and are assessed long distance charges. With Win32 Telephony, a toll list can be built in one of two ways:

  1. The user can add or remove prefixes manually with the Telephony Control Panel.

  2. The user can add or remove prefixes dynamically after a telephone call to that prefix fails for one of these reasons: When the call was dialed, the "1" prefix was missing and necessary or present and unnecessary. This dynamic process works as follows:

The application knows by the value of the LINETRANSLATERESULT_INTOLLLIST and LINETRANSLATERESULT_NOTINTOLLLIST bits in the LINETRANSLATEOUTPUT structure (returned by lineTranslateAddress) whether an address with the dialed prefix is already in the toll list. The application can then let the user add or remove (whichever applies) this prefix from the toll list. Adding and removing are both performed using the lineSetTollList function.

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