The lineMonitorTones function enables and disables the detection of inband tones on the call. Each time a specified tone is detected, a message is sent to the application.

LONG lineMonitorTones(

HCALL hCall,


DWORD dwNumEntries




A handle to the call on whose voice channel tones are to be monitored. The call state of hCall can be any state except idle.


A list of tones to be monitored, of type LINEMONITORTONE. Each tone in this list has an application-defined tag field that is used to identify individual tones in the list report a tone detection. Tone monitoring in progress is canceled or changed by calling this operation with either NULL for lpToneList or with another tone list.


The number of entries in lpToneList. This parameter is ignored if lpToneList is NULL.

Return Values

Returns zero if the request is successful or a negative error number if an error has occurred. Possible return values are:



This function is successful if tone monitoring has been correctly initiated, not when tone monitoring has terminated. Tone monitoring will remain in effect until it is explicitly disabled by calling lineMonitorTones with another tone list (or NULL), until the call transitions to idle, or when the application deallocates its call handle for the call.

Although this function can be invoked in any call state, tones can typically only be detected while the call is in the connected state. Tone detection typically requires computational resources. Depending on the service provider and other activities that compete for such resources, the number of tones that can be detected may vary over time. Also, an equivalent amount of resources may be consumed for monitoring a single triple frequency tone versus three single frequency tones. If resources are overcommitted, the LINEERR_RESOURCEUNAVAIL error is returned.

Note that lineMonitorTones is also used to detect silence. Silence is specified as a tone with all zero frequencies.

Monitoring of tones on a conference call applies only to the hConfCall, not to the individual participating calls

If the LINEERR_INVALPOINTER error value is returned, the specified lpToneList parameter is invalid or the value specified by the dwNumEntries parameter is too large.

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