The lineRemoveProvider function removes an existing Telephony Service Provider from the Telephony system.

LONG lineRemoveProvider(

DWORD dwPermanentProviderID,

HWND hwndOwner




The permanent provider ID of the service provider to be removed.


A handle to a window to which any dialogs which need to be displayed as part of the removal process (for example, a confirmation dialog by the service provider's TSPI_providerRemove function) would be attached. Can be a NULL value to indicate that any window created during the function should have no owner window.

Return Values

Returns zero if the request is successful or a negative error number if an error has occurred. Possible return values are:



If the call to TSPI_providerRemove is successful, and the telephony system is active at the time, TAPI calls TSPI_lineShutdown and/or TSPI_phoneShutdown on the service provider (depending on which device types are active). Any line or phone handles still held by applications on associated devices are forcibly closed with LINE_CLOSE or PHONE_CLOSE messages (it is preferable for service providers themselves to issue these messages as part of TSPI_providerRemove, after verification with the user). The devices previously under the control of that provider are then marked as "unavailable", so that any future attempts by applications to reference them by device ID result in LINEERR_NODRIVER.

Although this is a new function which older applications would not be expected to call, for backward compatibility, they should not be prevented from doing so. The function will work the same way for all applications.

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