The lineSetNumRings function sets the number of rings that must occur before an incoming call is answered. This function can be used to implement a toll-saver-style function. It allows multiple independent applications to each register the number of rings. The function lineGetNumRings returns the minimum number of all number of rings requested. It can be used by the application that answers inbound calls to determine the number of rings it should wait before answering the call.

LONG lineSetNumRings(

HLINE hLine,

DWORD dwAddressID,

DWORD dwNumRings




A handle to the open line device.


An address on the line device.


The number of rings before a call should be answered in order to honor the toll-saver requests from all applications.

Return Values

Returns zero if the request is successful or a negative error number if an error has occurred. Possible return values are:



The lineGetNumRings and lineSetNumRings functions, when used in combination, provide a mechanism to support the implementation of toll-saver features across multiple independent applications. If no application ever calls lineSetNumRings, lineGetNumRings will return 0xFFFFFFFF.

An application that is the owner of a call in the offering state and that received a LINE_LINEDEVSTATE ringing message should wait a number of rings equal to the number returned by lineGetNumRings before answering the call in order to honor the toll-saver settings across all applications. A separate LINE_LINEDEVSTATE ringing message is sent to the application for each ring cycle, so the application should count these messages. If this call disconnects before being answered, and another call comes in shortly thereafter, the LINE_CALLSTATE message should allow the application to determine that ringing is related to the second call.

If call classification is performed by TAPI by means of answering inbound calls of unknown media mode and filtering the media stream, TAPI will honor this number as well.

Note that this operation is purely informational and does not affect the state of any calls on the line device.

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