Explorer-Style Control Identifiers

The Win32 SDK provides the default dialog box template for the old-style dialog boxes, but does not include the default template for the Explorer-style dialog boxes. This is because the Explorer-style dialogs allow you to add your own controls but do not support modifying the template for the standard controls. However, in some cases, you may need to know the control identifiers used in the default templates. For example, the CDM_HIDECONTROL and CDM_SETCONTROLTEXT messages require a control identifier.

The following table shows the identifiers of the standard controls in the Explorer-style Open and Save As dialog boxes. The identifiers are constants defined in DLGS.H and WINUSER.H.

Control identifier
Control Description
Drop-down combo box that displays the current drive or folder, and that allows the user to select a drive or folder to open
Label for the cmb2 combo box
List box that displays the contents of the current drive or folder
Label for the lst1 list box
Edit control that displays the name of the current file, or in which the user can type the name of the file to open
Label for the edt1 edit control
Drop-down combo box that displays the list of file type filters
Label for the cmb1 combo box
The read-only check box
The OK command button (push button)
The Cancel command button (push button)
The Help command button (push button)

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