Obtaining Additional Process Information

The Win32 API provides functions for obtaining information about processes. Some of these functions can be used only for the calling process, because they do not take a process handle as a parameter. You can use functions that take a process handle to obtain information about other processes.

  • To obtain the command-line string for the current process, use the GetCommandLine function.

  • To parse a Unicode command-line string obtained from the Unicode version of GetCommandLine, use the CommandLineToArgvW function.

  • To retrieve the STARTUPINFO structure specified when the current process was created, use the GetStartupInfo function.

  • To obtain the version information from the executable header, use the GetProcessVersion function.

  • To obtain the full path and filename for the executable file containing the process code, use the GetModuleFileName function.

  • To determine whether a process is being debugged, use the IsDebuggerPresent function.

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