Owner-Drawn Header Controls

You can define individual items of a header control to be owner-drawn items. Using this technique gives you more control than you would otherwise have over the appearance of a header item.

You can use the HDM_INSERTITEM message to insert a new owner-drawn item into a header control or the HDM_SETITEM message to change an existing item to an owner-drawn item. Both messages include the address of an HD_ITEM structure, which should have the fmt member set to the HDF_OWNERDRAW value.

When a header control must draw an owner-drawn item, it sends the WM_DRAWITEM message to the parent window. The wParam parameter of the message is the child window identifier of the header control, and the lParam parameter is a pointer to a DRAWITEMSTRUCT structure. The parent window uses the information in the structure to draw the item. For an owner-drawn item in a header control, the DRAWITEMSTRUCT structure contains the following information.

ODT_HEADER owner-drawn control type.
Child-window identifier of the header control.
Index of the item to be drawn.
ODA_DRAWENTIRE drawing-action flag.
ODS_SELECTED drawing-action flag if the cursor is on the item and the mouse button is down. Otherwise, this member is zero.
Handle of the header control.
Handle of the device context of the header control.
Coordinates of the header item to be drawn. The coordinates are relative to the upper left corner of the header control.
Application-defined 32-bit value associated with the item.

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