Owner-Drawn Tabs

If a tab control has the TCS_OWNERDRAWFIXED style, the parent window must paint tabs by processing the WM_DRAWITEM message. The tab control sends this message whenever a tab needs to be painted. The lParam parameter specifies the address of a DRAWITEMSTRUCT structure, which contains the index of the tab, its bounding rectangle, and the device context (DC) in which to draw.

By default, the itemData member of DRAWITEMSTRUCT contains the value of the lParam member of the TC_ITEM structure. However, if you change the amount of application-defined data per tab, itemData contains a pointer to the data instead. You can change the amount of application-defined data per tab by using the TCM_SETITEMEXTRA message.

To specify the size of items in a tab control, the parent window must process the WM_MEASUREITEM message. Because all tabs in an owner-drawn tab control are the same size, this message is sent only once. There is no tab control style for owner-drawn tabs of varying size. You can also set the width and height of tabs by using the TCM_SETITEMSIZE message.

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