A property sheet must contain at least one page, but cannot contain more than the value of MAXPROPPAGES as defined in the Win32 header files. Each page has a zero-based index that the property sheet assigns according to the order in which the page is added to the property sheet. The indexes are used in messages that you send to the property sheet.

A property page can contain a nested dialog box. If it does, you must include the WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT style for the top-level dialog box and call the IsDialogMessage function with the handle of the parent dialog box. This ensures that the user can use mnemonics and the dialog box navigation keys to move the focus to controls in the nested dialog box.

Each page has a corresponding icon and label. The property sheet creates a tab for each page and displays the icon and label in the tab. All property sheet pages are expected to use a nonbold font. To ensure that the font is not bold, specify the DS_3DLOOK style in the dialog box template.

The dialog box procedure for a page must not call the EndDialog function. Doing so will destroy the entire property sheet, not just the page.

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