Property Sheet Dialog Boxes

A property sheet and the pages it contains are actually dialog boxes. The property sheet is a system-defined dialog box that manages the pages and provides a common container for them. The property sheet dialog box can be modal or modeless. It includes a frame, a title bar, and four buttons: OK, Cancel, Apply Now, and Help. (The Help button may be hidden as in the preceding illustration.) The dialog box procedures for the pages receive notification messages when the user selects the buttons.

Each page in a property sheet is an application-defined modeless dialog box that manages the control windows used to view and edit the properties of an item. You provide the dialog box template used to create each page as well as the dialog box procedure that manages the controls and sets the properties of the corresponding item.

A property sheet sends notification messages to the dialog box procedure for a page when the page is gaining or losing the activation and when the user chooses the OK, Cancel, Apply Now, or Help button. The notifications are sent in the form of WM_NOTIFY messages. The lParam parameter points to an NMHDR structure, which includes the window handle of the property sheet dialog box.

Some notification messages require a page to return either TRUE or FALSE in response to the WM_NOTIFY message. A page cannot simply return TRUE or FALSE; instead, it must use the SetWindowLong function to set the DWL_MSGRESULT value for the page dialog box to either TRUE or FALSE.

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