Tab Control Image Lists

Each tab can have an icon associated with it, which is specified by an index into the image list for the tab control. When a tab control is created, it has no image list associated with it. An application can create an image list by using the ImageList_Create function and then assign it to a tab control by using the TCM_SETIMAGELIST message.

You can add images to a tab control's image list just as you would to any other image list. However, an application should remove images by using the TCM_REMOVEIMAGE message instead of the ImageList_Remove function. This message ensures that each tab remains associated with the same image it had been.

Destroying a tab control does not destroy an image list that is associated with it. You must destroy the image list separately. This is useful if you want to assign the same image list to multiple tab controls.

To retrieve the handle of the image list currently associated with a tab control, you can use the TCM_GETIMAGELIST message.

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