Tab Size and Position

Each tab in a tab control has a size and position. You can set the size of tabs, retrieve the bounding rectangle of a tab, or determine which tab is at a specified position.

For fixed-width and owner-drawn tab controls, you can set the exact width and height of tabs by using the TCM_SETITEMSIZE message. In other tab controls, each tab's size is calculated based on the icon and label for the tab. The tab control includes space for a border and an additional margin. You can set the thickness of the margin by using the TCM_SETPADDING message.

You can determine the current bounding rectangle for a tab by using the TCM_GETITEMRECT message. You can determine which tab, if any, is at a specified location by using the TCM_HITTEST message.

In a tab control with the TCS_MULTILINE style, you can determine the current number of rows of tabs by using the TCM_GETROWCOUNT message.

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