The SNMP Management Information Base (MIB)

A Management Information Base (MIB) describes a set of managed objects on an SNMP agent. A management system can manipulate the objects if the SNMP agent has associated an extension agent DLL with that MIB.

The entry for each managed object has a unique identifier. The entry also contains a description of the object's type (such as counter, string, gauge or address), the object's access type (such as read or read/write), size restrictions, and range information.

The following MIBs ship with the Windows NT Resource Kit and the Microsoft Win32 Software Development Kit (SDK): MIB II (based on RFC 1213), LAN Manager MIB II, DHCP, WINS, FTP, HTTP, and Gopher. The extension agent DLLs for MIB II and for LAN Manager MIB II are installed with the SNMP Service. The DLLs for the other MIBs are installed when their respective services are installed. At service startup time, the SNMP Service loads all of the extension agent DLLs that are listed in the Windows NT registry. Users can add or develop other extension agent DLLs that implement other MIBs but they must remember to register the new MIB with the management system of their choice. For more information, see the documentation included with your management system.

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