Toolbar Creation

You can use the CreateToolbarEx function to create a toolbar and add an initial set of buttons to it. You can also use the CreateWindowEx function, specifying the TOOLBARCLASSNAME window class, but this second method creates a toolbar that initially contains no buttons. You add buttons to the toolbar by using the TB_ADDBUTTONS or TB_INSERTBUTTON message.

The TOOLBARCLASSNAME window class is registered when the common control dynamic-link library (DLL) is loaded. To ensure that this DLL is loaded, use the InitCommonControls function first.

A toolbar must be created as a child window with the WS_CHILD style. If you use CreateWindowEx to create a toolbar, you must specify the WS_CHILD window style. CreateToolbarEx includes the WS_CHILD style by default. You must specify the initial parent window when creating the toolbar, but you can change the parent window after creation by using the TB_SETPARENT message.

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