Handling MCI Errors

You should always check the return value of the mciSendCommand function. If it indicates an error, you can use mciGetErrorString to get a textual description of the error.

The following example passes the MCI error code specified by dwError to mciGetErrorString, and then displays the resulting textual error description using the MessageBox function.

// Uses mciGetErrorString to get a textual description of an MCI error.

// Displays the error description using MessageBox.

  • oid showError(DWORD dwError)


char szErrorBuf[MAXERRORLENGTH];


if(mciGetErrorString(dwError, (LPSTR) szErrorBuf, MAXERRORLENGTH))

MessageBox(hMainWnd, szErrorBuf, "MCI Error",



MessageBox(hMainWnd, "Unknown Error", "MCI Error",



Note To interpret an mciSendCommand error return value yourself, mask the high-order word (the low-order word contains the error code). If you pass the error return value to mciGetErrorString, however, you must pass the entire doubleword value.

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