Notifies an object's registered advise sinks that its view has changed.

Void OnViewChange(

DWORD dwAspect,
//A value specifying aspect of object
LONG lindex
//Currently must be -1



[in] Specifies the aspect, or view, of the object. Contains a value taken from the enumeration, DVASPECT.


[in] Identifies which piece of the view has changed. Currently only -1 is valid.


Containers register to be notified when an object's view changes by calling IViewObject::SetAdvise. Once registered, the object will call the sink's IAdviseSink::OnViewChange method when appropriate. OnViewChange can be called when the object is in either the loaded or running state.

Even though DVASPECT values are individual flag bits, dwAspect may only represent one value. That is, dwAspect cannot contain the result of an OR operation combining two or more DVASPECT values.

The lindex member represents the part of the aspect that is of interest. The value of lindex depends on the value of dwAspect. If dwAspect is either DVASPECT_THUMBNAIL or DVASPECT_ICON, lindex is ignored. If dwAspect is DVASPECT_CONTENT, lindex must be -1, which indicates that the entire view is of interest and is the only value that is currently valid.

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