Returns an object that can be used to enumerate the current advisory connections.

HRESULT EnumAdvise(

IEnumSTATDATA ** ppenumAdvise
//Location for IEnumSTATDATA



[out]Points to the location where the new enumerator object should be returned. If this value is NULL, there are no connections to advise sinks at this time.

Return Values


The enumerator object is successfully instantiated or there are no connections.


The enumerator object could not be instantiated due to lack of memory.


The enumerator object returned by this method implements the IEnumSTATDATA interface, one of the standard enumerator interfaces that contain the Next, Reset, Clone, and Skip methods. IEnumSTATDATA enumerates the data stored in an array of STATDATA structures. IDataAdviseHolder::EnumAdvise is typically called from within IDataObject::DEnumAdvise.

Adding more advisory connections while the enumerator object is active has an undefined effect on the enumeration that results from this method.

See Also

IEnumXXXX, IEnumSTATDATA, IDataObject::EnumDAdvise

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