Called just prior to invoking IMalloc::DidAlloc.

int PostDidAlloc(

void * pRequest
//The original pointer passed to IMalloc::DidAlloc
BOOL fSpyed
//Indicates whether the allocation was done while this spy was active
int fActual
//Indicates whether pRequest was actual value used in IMalloc call



The pointer specified in the original call to IMalloc::DidAlloc.


TRUE if the allocation was done while this spy was active.


The actual value returned by IMalloc::DidAlloc.

Return Value

The value returned to the caller of IMalloc::DidAlloc.


This method is included for completeness; it is not anticipated that developers will implement significant functionality in this method.

For convenience, pRequest, the original pointer specified in the the call to IMalloc::DidAlloc is passed to PostDidAlloc, along with fActual, which is the actual value returned by IMalloc::DidAlloc called with the value returned by IMallocSpy::PreDidAlloc.

See Also

IMalloc::DidAlloc, IMallocSpy::PreDidAlloc, CoRegisterMallocSpy, CoRevokeMallocSpy

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