Called just after invoking IMalloc::GetSize.

ULONG PostGetSize(

ULONG cbActual,
//Actual size of the allocation
BOOL fSpyed
//Indicates whether the allocation was done while a spy was active



The actual number of bytes in the allocation, as returned by IMalloc::GetSize.


TRUE if the allocation was done while a spy was active.

Return Values

The size of the allocated memory block in bytes, which is returned to the caller of IMalloc::GetSize.


The size determined by IMalloc::GetSize is the value returned by the Win32 API HeapSize. On Windows NT, this is the size originally requested. On Windows95, memory allocations are done on eight-byte boundaries. For example, a memory allocation request of 27 bytes on Windows NT would return an allocation of 32 bytes and GetSize would return 27. On Windows95, the same request would return an allocation of 28 bytes and GetSize would return 28. Implementors of IMallocSpy::PostGetSize cannot assume, for example, that if cbActual is sizeof(debug_header), that the value is the actual size of the user's allocation.

See Also

IMalloc::GetSize, IMallocSpy::PreGetSize, CoRegisterMallocSpy, CoRevokeMallocSpy

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