Called after invoking IMalloc::Realloc.

  • oid * PostRealloc(

void * pActual,
//The pointer returned by IMalloc::Realloc
BOOL fSpyed
//Indicates whether the original allocation was "spyed"



Points to the memory block reallocated by IMalloc::Realloc.


If TRUE, the original memory allocation was done while the spy was active.

Return Values

The pointer to be returned to the IMalloc::Realloc caller. If debug information is written at the front of the caller's allocation, it should be a forward offset from pActual. The value should be the same as pActual if debug information is appended or if no debug information is attached.

See Also

IMalloc::Realloc, IMallocSpy::PreRealloc, CoRegisterMallocSpy, CoRevokeMallocSpy

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