Calculates a 32-bit integer using the internal state of the moniker.


DWORD *pdwHash
//Receives the hash value



[out] Receives the hash value.

Return Value


Successfully received a 32-bit integer hash value.


Notes to Callers

You can use the value returned by this method to maintain a hash table of monikers. The hash value determines a hash bucket in the table. To search such a table for a specified moniker, calculate its hash value and then compare it to the monikers in that hash bucket using IMoniker::IsEqual.

Notes to Implementors

The hash value must be constant for the lifetime of the moniker. Two monikers that compare as equal using IMoniker::IsEqual must hash to the same value.

Marshaling and then unmarshaling a moniker should have no effect on its hash value. Consequently, your implementation of IMoniker::Hash should rely only on the internal state of the moniker, not on its memory address.

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