Compares the moniker with a specified moniker and indicates whether they are identical.


IMoniker *pmkOtherMoniker
//Moniker to be used for comparison



[in] Points to the moniker to be used for comparison.

Return Values


The two monikers are identical.


The two monikers are not identical.


Previous implementations of the Running Object Table (ROT) called this method. The current implementation of the ROT uses the IROTData interface instead.

Notes to Callers

Call this method to determine if two monikers are identical or not. Note that the reduced form of a moniker is considered different from the unreduced form. You should call the IMoniker::Reduce method before calling IMoniker::IsEqual, because a reduced moniker is in its most specific form. IMoniker::IsEqual may return S_FALSE on two monikers before they are reduced, and S_OK after they are reduced.

Notes to Implementors

Your implementation should not reduce the current moniker before performing the comparison. It is the caller's responsibility to call IMoniker::Reduce in order to compare reduced monikers.

Note that two monikers that compare as equal must hash to the same value using IMoniker::Hash.

See Also

IMoniker::Reduce, IMoniker::Hash, IROTData

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