Indicates whether this moniker is one of the system-supplied moniker classes.

HRESULT IsSystemMoniker(

DWORD *pdwMksys
//Receives value from MKSYS enumeration



[out] Receives an integer that is one of the values from the MKSYS enumeration. This parameter cannot be NULL. For information on the MKSYS enumeration, see the "Data Structures" section.

Return Values


The moniker is a system moniker.


The moniker is not a system moniker.


Notes to Callers

New values of the MKSYS enumeration may be defined in the future; therefore you should explicitly test for each value you are interested in.

Notes to Implementors

Your implementation of this method must return MKSYS_NONE. You cannot use this function to identify your own monikers (for example, in your implementation if IMoniker::ComposeWith). Instead, you should use your moniker's implementation of IPersist::GetClassID or use IUnknown::QueryInterface to test for your own private interface.

See Also

IPersist::GetClassID, MKSYS

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