IMoniker - Anti-Moniker Implementation

Anti-monikers are the inverse of the system's implementations of file, item, and pointer monikers. That is, an anti-moniker composed to the right of a file moniker, item moniker, or pointer moniker composes to nothing.

When To Use

If you're a moniker client, you typically do not need to use anti-monikers. When you need the inverse of a moniker, you should call the IMoniker::Inverse method. For example, if you need an inverse to remove the last piece of a composite moniker, use IMoniker::Enum to enumerate the pieces of the moniker and call IMoniker::Inverse on the rightmost piece. You shouldn't use an anti-moniker for this purpose because you can't be sure that the rightmost piece of a composite considers an anti-moniker to be its inverse.

The only situation in which you should explicitly use an anti-moniker is if you are writing a new moniker class and if you have no special requirements for constructing inverses to your monikers. In that situation, you can return anti-monikers from your implementation of IMoniker::Inverse. In your implementation of IMoniker::ComposeWith, you should then annihilate one of your monikers for every anti-moniker you encounter.

See Also

CreateAntiMoniker, IMoniker



This method is not implemented (that is, it returns E_NOTIMPL).


This method is not implemented (that is, it returns E_NOTIMPL).


This method returns MK_S_REDUCED_TO_SELF and passes back the same moniker.


If fOnlyIfNotGeneric is TRUE, this method sets *ppmkComposite to NULL moniker and returns MK_E_NEEDGENERIC; otherwise, the method returns the result of combining the two monikers into a generic composite. Note that composing a file, item, or pointer moniker to the right of an anti-moniker produces a generic composite rather than composing to nothing, as would be the case if the order of composition were reversed.


This method returns S_OK and sets *ppenumMoniker to NULL.


This method returns S_OK if both are anti-monikers; otherwise, it returns S_FALSE.


This method calculates a hash value for the moniker.


This method checks the ROT to see if the object is running.


This method is not implemented (that is, it returns E_NOTIMPL).


This method returns MK_E_NOINVERSE and sets *ppmk to NULL.


If the other moniker is also an anti-moniker, the method returns MK_S_US and sets *ppmkPrefix to this moniker. Otherwise, the method calls the MonikerCommonPrefixWith API function. This API function correctly handles the case where the other moniker is a generic composite.


This method returns MK_S_HIM and sets *ppmkRelPath to the other moniker.


For each anti-moniker contained in this moniker, this method return one instance of "\.."


This method is not implemented (that is, it returns E_NOTIMPL).


This method returns S_OK and indicates MKSYS_ANTIMONIKER.

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