Tells the container to position the object so it is visible to the user. This method ensures that the container itself is visible and not minimized.

HRESULT ShowObject();

Return Values


Container has tried to make the object visible.


Client site is in an OLE 1 container.


After a link client binds to a link source, it commonly calls IOleObject::DoVerb on the link source, usually requesting the source to perform some action requiring that it display itself to the user. As part of its implementation of DoVerb, the link source can call IOleClientSite::ShowObject, which forces the client to show the link source as best it can. If the link source's container is itself an embedded object, it will recursively invoke IOleClientSite::ShowObject on its own container.

Having called the ShowObject method, a link source has no guarantee of being appropriately displayed because its container may not be able to do so at the time of the call. The ShowObject method does not guarantee visibility, only that the container will do the best it can.

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