Indicates how much of the in-place object is visible.

HRESULT SetObjectRects(

LPCRECT lprcPosRect,
//The position of the in-place object
LPCRECT lprcClipRect
//The outer rectangle containing the in-place object's position rectangle



[in] Points to the rectangle containing the position of the in-place object using the client coordinates of its parent window.


[in] Points to the outer rectangle containing the in-place object's position rectangle (PosRect). This rectangle is relative to the client area of the object's parent window.

Return Values


The operation successfully indicated the rectangle.


One or more arguments are invalid.


Out of memory.


An unexpected error occurred.


It is possible for lprcClipRect to change without lprcPosRect changing.

The size of an in-place object's rectangle is always calculated in pixels. This is different from other OLE object's visualizations, which are in HIMETRIC.

Note While executing IOleInPlaceObject::SetObjectRects, do not make calls to the Windows PeekMessage or GetMessage functions, or a dialog box. Doing so may cause the system to deadlock. There are further restrictions on which OLE interface mehtods and functions can be called form within SetObjectRects.

Notes to Callers

The container should call IOleInPlaceObject::SetObjectRects whenever the window position of the in-place object and/or the visible part of the in-place object changes.

Notes to Implementors

The object must size its in-place window to match the intersection of lprcPosRect and lprcClipRect. The object must also draw its contents into the object's in-place window so that proper clipping takes place.

The object should compare its width and height with those provided by its container (conveyed through lprcPosRect). If the comparison does not result in a match, the container is applying scaling to the object. The object must then decide whether it should continue the in-place editing in the scale/zoom mode or deactivate.

See Also


PeekMessage, GetMessage
in Win32

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