Indicates the object's extents have changed.

HRESULT OnPosRectChange(

LPCRECT lprcPosRect
//Points to rectangle containing the position of in-place object



[in] Points to the rectangle containing the position of the in-place object in the client coordinates of its parent window.

Return Values


The method completed successfully.


One or more arguments are invalid.


An unexpected error occurred.


Notes to Callers

The IOleInPlaceSite::OnPosRectChange method is called by the in-place object.

Notes to Implementors

When the in-place object calls IOleInPlaceSite::OnPosRectChange, the container must call IOleInPlaceObject::SetObjectRects to specify the new position of the in-place window and the ClipRect. Only then does the object resize its window.

In most cases, the object grows to the right and/or down. There could be cases where the object grows to the left and/or up, as conveyed through lprcPosRect. It is also possible to change the object's position without changing its size.

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