Notifies the container that the object is no longer active in place.

HRESULT OnInPlaceDeactivate();

Return Values


The method successfully notified the container.


An unexpected error occurred.


Notes to Callers

is called by an in-place object when it is fully deactivated. This function notifies the container that the object has been deactivated, and it gives the container a chance to run code pertinent to the object's deactivation. In particular, IOleInPlaceSite::OnInPlaceDeactivate is called as a result of IOleInPlaceObject::InPlaceDeactivate being called. Calling IOleInPlaceSite::OnInPlaceDeactivate indicates that the object can no longer support Undo.

Notes to Implementors

If the container is holding pointers to the IOleInPlaceObject and IOleInPlaceActiveObject interface implementations, it should release them after the IOleInPlaceSite::OnInPlaceDeactivate call.

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