Returns a RECT structure in which the object can put toolbars and similar controls while active in place.

HRESULT GetBorder(

LPRECT lprectBorder
//Points to RECT structure



[out] Points to a RECT structure where the outer rectangle is to be returned. The RECT structure's coordinates are relative to the window being represented by the interface.

Return Values


The rectangle was successfully returned.


The object cannot install toolbars in this window object.


One or more arguments are invalid.


Out of memory.


An unexpected error occurred.


Notes to Callers

The IOleInPlaceUIWindow::GetBorder function, when called on a document or frame window object, returns the outer rectangle (relative to the window) where the object can put toolbars or similar controls.

If the object is to install these tools, it should negotiate space for the tools within this rectangle using IOleInPlaceUIWindow::RequestBorderSpace and then call IOleInPlaceUIWindow::SetBorderSpace to get this space allocated.

Note While executing IOleInPlaceUIWindow::GetBorder, do not make calls to the Windows PeekMessage or GetMessage functions, or a dialog box. Doing so may cause the system to deadlock. There are further restrictions on which OLE interface mehtods and functions can be called from within GerBorder.

See Also

IOleInPlaceUIWindow::RequestBorderSpace, IOleInPlaceUIWindow::SetBorderSpace

, GetMessage in Win32

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