Allocates space for the border requested in the call to IOleInPlaceUIWindow::RequestBorderSpace.

HRESULT SetBorderSpace(

//Points to a BORDERWIDTHS structure



[in] Points to a BORDERWIDTHS structure containing the requested width (in pixels) of the tools. It can be NULL, indicating the object does not need any space.

Return Values


The requested space has been allocated to the object.


The rectangle does not lie within the specifications returned by IOleInPlaceUIWindow::GetBorder.


One or more arguments are invalid.


An unexpected error occurred.


The object must call IOleInPlaceUIWindow::SetBorderSpace. It can do any of the following:

  1. Use its own toolbars, requesting border space of a specific size; or,

  2. Use no toolbars, but force the container to remove its toolbars by passing a valid BORDERWIDTHS structure containing nothing but zeros in the pborderwidths parameter; or,

  3. Use no toolbars but allow the in-place container to leave its toolbars up by passing NULL as the pborderwidths parameter.

The BORDERWIDTHS structure used in this call would generally have been passed in a previous call to IOleInPlaceUIWindow::RequestBorderSpace, which must have returned S_OK.

If an object must renegotiate space on the border, it can call SetBorderSpace again with the new widths. If the call to SetBorderSpace fails, the object can do a full negotiation for border space with calls to GetBorder, RequestBorderSpace, and SetBorderSpace.

Note While executing IOleInPlaceUIWindow::SetBorderSpace, do not make calls to the Windows PeekMessage or GetMessage functions, or a dialog box. Doing so may cause the system to deadlock. There are further restrictions on which OLE interface methods and functions can be called from within SetBorderSpace.

See Also

IOleInPlaceUIWindow::GetBorder, IOleInPlaceUIWindow::RequestBorderSpace

PeekMessage, GetMessage
in Win32

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