Returns a pointer to the storage for the object identified by the specified name.

HRESULT GetObjectStorage(

//Name of the object whose storage is requested
IBindCtx *pbc,
//Bind context to be used
REFIID riid,
//IID of interface pointer desired
void **ppvStorage
//Receives interface pointer



[in] Points to a zero-terminated string containing the compound document's name for the object whose storage is requested. For Win32 applications, the LPOLESTR type indicates a wide character string (two bytes per character); otherwise, the string has one byte per character.


[in] Points to the bind context to be used in this binding operation. The bind context caches objects bound during the binding process, contains parameters that apply to all operations using the bind context, and provides the means by which the binding implementation should retrieve information about its environment. For more information, see IBindCtx.


[in] Identifies the type of interface pointer requested.


[out] Receives a pointer to the storage of the object named by pszItem. If an error occurs, the implementation sets *ppvStorage to NULL. If *ppvStorage is non-NULL, the implementation must call IUnknown::AddRef on the parameter; it is the caller's responsibility to call IUnknown::Release.

Return Values


The storage of the specified object was successfully returned.


The parameter pszItem does not identify a object in this container.


The object does not have its own independent storage.


The requested interface is not available.


Insufficient memory.


The item moniker implementation of IMoniker::GetObjectStorage calls this method.

Notes to Implementors

If pszItem designates a pseudo-object, your implementation should return MK_E_NOSTORAGE, because pseudo-objects do not have their own independent storage. If pszItem designates an embedded object, or a portion of the document that has its own storage, your implementation should return the specified interface pointer on the appropriate storage object.

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