Retrieves the display name of the link source of the linked object.

HRESULT GetSourceDisplayName(

LPOLESTR *ppszDisplayName
//Receives display name of link source



[out] Receives a pointer to a zero-terminated string containing the display name of the link source. If an error occurs, *ppszDisplayName is set to NULL; otherwise, the implementation must use IMalloc::Alloc to allocate the string returned in ppszDisplayName, and the caller is responsible for calling IMalloc::Free to free it. Both caller and callee use the allocator returned by CoGetMalloc(MEMCTX_TASK, ...). For Win32 applications, the LPOLESTR type indicates a wide character string (two bytes per character); otherwise, the string has one byte per character.

Return Values


The display name was successfully retrieved.


The link's moniker is NULL.

CreateBindCtx and IMoniker::GetDisplayName errors

Retrieving the display name requires calling these functions; therefore, this method may return errors generated by these functions.


Notes to Callers

Your container application can call IOleLink::GetSourceDisplayName in order to display the current source of a link.

The current source of a link is displayed in the Links dialog box. If you use the OleUIEditLinks API function to display the Links dialog box, you must implement the IOleUILinkContainer interface. The dialog box calls your implementations of IOleUILinkContainer::GetLinkSource to get the string it should display. Your implementation of that method can call IOleLink::GetSourceDisplayName.

Notes on Provided Implementation

The linked object's implementation of IOleLink::GetSourceDisplayName calls IOleLink::GetSourceMoniker to get the link source moniker, and then calls IMoniker::GetDisplayName to get that moniker's display name. This operation is potentially expensive because it might require binding the moniker. All of the system-supplied monikers can return a display name without binding, but there is no guarantee that other moniker implementations can. Instead of making repeated calls to IOleLink::GetSourceDisplayName, your container application can cache the name and update it whenever the link source is bound.

See Also

IOleLink::SetSourceDisplayName, IOleUILinkContainer, IMoniker::GetDisplayName, OleUIEditLinks

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