Retrieves a value indicating how often the linked object updates its cached data.

HRESULT GetUpdateOptions(

DWORD *pdwUpdateOpt
//Receives update option



[out] Receives the current value for the linked object's update option, indicating how often the linked object updates the cached data for the linked object. The legal values for pdwUpdateOpt are taken from the enumeration OLEUPDATE. For information on the OLEUPDATE enumeration, see the "Data Structures" section.

Return Value


The update option was retrieved successfully.


Notes to Callers

Your container application should call IOleLink::GetUpdateOptions to display the current update option for a linked object.

A linked object's current update option is displayed in the Links dialog box. If you use the OleUIEditLinks API function to display the Links dialog box, you must implement the IOleUILinkContainer interface. The dialog box calls your implementation of IOleUILinkContainer::GetLinkUpdateOptions to determine which update option it should display. Your implementation of that method should call IOleLink::GetUpdateOptions to retrieve the current update option.

See Also

IOleLink::SetUpdateOptions, IOleUILinkContainer, OleUIEditLinks

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