Specifies how often a linked object should update its cached data.

HRESULT SetUpdateOptions(

DWORD dwUpdateOpt
//Update option



[in] Specifies how often a linked object should update its cached data. The legal values for dwUpdateOpt are taken from the enumeration OLEUPDATE. For information on the OLEUPDATE enumeration, see the "Data Structures" section.

Return Values


The update option was successfully set.


The dwUpdateOpt value is invalid.


Notes to Callers

Your container application should call IOleLink::SetUpdateOptions when the end user changes the update option for a linked object.

The end user selects the update option for a linked object using the Links dialog box. If you use the OleUIEditLinks API function to display this dialog box, you must implement the IOleUILinkContainer interface. The dialog box calls your IOleUILinkContainer::SetLinkUpdateOptions method to specify the update option chosen by the end user. Your implementation of this method should call the IOleLink::SetUpdateOptions method to pass the selected option to the linked object.

Notes on Provided Implementation

The default update option is OLEUDPATE_ALWAYS. The linked object's implementation of IPersistStorage::Save saves the current update option.

If OLEUDPATE_ALWAYS is specified as the update option, the linked object updates the link's caches in the following situations:

  • When the update option is changed from manual to automatic, if the link source is running.

  • Whenever the linked object binds to the link source.

  • Whenever the link source is running and the linked object's IOleObject::Close, IPersistStorage::Save, or IAdviseSink::OnSave implementations are called.

For both manual and automatic links, the linked object updates the cache whenever the container application calls IOleObject::Update or IOleLink::Update.

See Also

IOleObject::Update, IOleLink::GetUpdateOptions, IOleLink::Update, IOleUILinkContainer, OleUIEditLinks

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