Enumerates the advisory connections registered for an object, so a container can know what to release prior to closing down.

HRESULT EnumAdvise(

IEnumSTATDATA **ppenumAdvise
//Pointer to storage of a struct



[out] Points to where the new enumerator should be returned. NULL is a legal return value, indicating that the object does not have any advisory connections. If an error is returned, this parameter must be set to NULL. Each time an object receives a call to EnumAdvise, it must increase the reference count on the pointer it returns. It is the caller's responsibility to call Release when it is done with the pointer.

Return Values


Enumerator returned successfully.


Unspecified error encountered.


EnumAdvise is not implemented.


The EnumAdvise method provides a way for containers to keep track of advisory connections registered for their objects. A container normally would call this function so that it can instruct an object to release each of its advisory connections prior to closing down.

IOleObject::EnumAdvise enumerates items of type STATDATA. Upon receiving the pointer, the container can then loop through STATDATA and call IOleObject::Unadvise for each enumerated connection.

The usual way to implement this function is to delegate the call to the IOleAdviseHolder interface. Only the pAdvise and dwConnection members of STATDATA are relevant for IOleObject::EnumAdvise.

See Also

IOleObject::Advise, IOleObject::UnAdvise

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