Checks an object for changes since it was last saved to its current file.

HRESULT IsDirty(void);

Return Values


The object has changed since it was last saved.


The object has not changed since the last save.


This method checks whether an object has changed since it was last saved so you can avoid losing information in objects that have not yet been saved. The dirty flag for an object is conditionally cleared in the IPersistFile::Save method.

Notes to Callers

OLE does not call IPersistFile::IsDirty. Typically, applications do not either.

You should treat any error return codes as an indication that the object has changed. In other words, unless this method explicitly returns S_FALSE, you must assume that the object needs to be saved.

Notes to Implementors

An object with no contained objects simply checks its dirty flag to return the appropriate result.

A container object with one or more contained objects must maintain an internal dirty flag that reflects any one contained object being dirty. To do this, the container object should register for data change notifications with each link or embedding (see IDataObject::DAdvise). Then, the container can maintain its internal dirty flag that it sets when it receives an IAdviseSink::OnDataChange notification. If the container does not register for data change notifications, the IPersistFile::IsDirty implementation must call IPersistStorage::IsDirty for each of its contained objects to determine whether they have changed.

The container object can clear its dirty flag whenever it is saved, as long as the file saved to is the current working file after the save. In other words, the dirty flag is cleared after a successful "Save" or "Save As" operation, but not after a "Save A Copy As . . ." operation.

See Also

IAdviseSink::OnDataChange, IDataObject::DAdvise, IPersistStorage::IsDirty

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