Determines whether the object identified by the specified moniker is currently running. This method looks for the moniker in the Running Object Table (ROT).

HRESULT IsRunning(

IMoniker *pmkObjectName
//Moniker identifying the object whose status is desired



[in] Points to the moniker to search for in the Running Object Table.

Return Values


Indicates that the object identified by pmkObjectName is running.


Indicates that there is no entry for pmkObjectName in the ROT, or that the object it identifies is no longer running (in which case, the entry is revoked).


This method simply indicates whether a object is running. To retrieve a pointer to a running object, use the IRunningObjectTable::GetObject method.

Notes to Callers

Generally, you call the IRunningObjectTable::IsRunning method only if you are writing your own moniker class (that is, implementing the IMoniker interface). You typically call this method from your implementation of IMoniker::IsRunning. However, you should do so only if the pmkToLeft parameter of IMoniker::IsRunning is NULL. Otherwise, you should call IMoniker::IsRunning on your pmkToLeft parameter instead.

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